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With special emphasis on quality and the quest for excellence, we constitute a forum of reflection, analysis, diagnosis and counselling on the great challenges of the scientific, artistic and literary communities and of society as a whole.

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Jakiunde's goal is to champion, design and assess initiatives that promote a knowledge society. The Academy aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge between Science, Arts and Literature, as well as to boost freedom of research and creation, as it regards knowledge as the driving force for social progress. In keeping with these values, it is involved only in intellectual and academic activities which are based on reflection, unrelated to circumstantial trends and guided by a critical spirit.

The Academy's activities currently revolve around three lines of work: Jakin-mina, Topaketak y Krisiak.

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The Academy has several lines as far as publications are concerned: JAKITERA, the Statements by the Academy, the conferences... Likewise, the academics at Jakiunde generate a large number of publications that are at the disposal of the public in this section, along with the news that is published in the media about Jakiunde.

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The academy

Members of Jakiunde include recipients of the Euskadi Research Award, the Príncipe de Viana Award and the Eusko Ikaskuntza Award, among others. The aim is for all of them to engage in joint reflection and provide their opinions and conclusions to society.




Challenges is a project designed by Jakiunde for Donostia/San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture. The programme consists of a series of sessions including conferences, seminars and debates on the big challenges that society must face in the 21st century. The aim of the sessions is to analyse and reflect on the challenges that our current society faces, as the response to these challenges will set the foundations for the well-being of our future society.

The programme includes 10 sessions coordinated by academics from Jakiunde which will deal with topics such as brain ageing, violence in young people, mental health, the social, economic and environmental challenge, the new materials revolution, creative factories, social cohesion, the challenge of music education, regional planning and globalisation and the balance between natural and social laws.

Challenges has the support of Laboral Kutxa and the collaboration of the Sant Telmo Museum (STM), where five of the programme's sessions will be held. In addition to in Donostia – San Sebastian, several of the sessions will be carried out in Punta Begoña (Getxo), Pasai Donibane and Legazpi.

Members of the Academy

The Academy’s value rests in its members.
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