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Catalán, Teresa


Doctorate in Philosophy of Art from the University of Valencia. Master's degree in Musical Creativity and Aesthetics by the University of Valencia. She started studying Piano and Composition at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Pamplona with respected teachers such as Fernando Remacha, Luis Morondo, Luis Taberna, Juan Eraso and Pilar Bayona. While training as a composer, she was taught by Agustín González Acilu (Contemporary Composition Techniques) and Ramón Barce (Music Sociology), who Teresa regards as her mentors.

In 2011, she was made a Commander of the Order of Civil Merit. In 2017 was awarded the National Music Award, Composition Modality, and she has received many awards for her performances, compositions and musical career.

She has been a member of the State Council for Performing Arts and Music and the Arts Council for Music, and has also been involved with the Government of Navarra's Council of Culture.  She was a founding member of the Pamplona Composers Group (Iruñeko Musikagileak Taldea).

She has directed the music section for various international courses, meeting and festivals (festivals in Navarra, festivals and courses in Veruela, conferences on new Basque music, etc.). Her services have been commissioned by numerous performers and institutions both nationally and internationally, and she regularly offers courses and conferences at festivals, institutions, universities and conservatories in various countries. One particular highlight was the work she was invited to carry out by the P. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

She is the author of Sistemas compositivos temperados en el siglo XX (2nd edition), and co-author of Música no tonal: Las propuestas de Julien Falk y Ernst Krenek. She has had articles published in major books and magazines, as well as several musical works in Spain and Germany. She is on the board of editors for the scientific magazine Papeles del Festival de la Música Española de Cádiz and a member of the Scientific and Editorial Committee for the magazine Música, which is edited by the Madrid Royal Conservatory. Her compositions have been showcased at major festivals and in various countries, and have been included on various CDs recorded in Spain and Hungary.

Aside from holding the Chair in Composition and Instrumentation for the Ministry of Education and Science, Teresa Catalán is currently a teacher at the Madrid Royal Conservatory.

Teresa Catalán: de la vida y otras músicas

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