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Gorrochategui Churruca, Joaquín


Joaquín Gorrochategui Churruca (1953, Eibar) is professor of Indo-European Linguistics and director of the Institute of Ancient Sciences at the University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU. He obtained a PhD in Classical Philology from Salamanca University in 1982 (Luis Michelena, Director of the thesis) and furthered his studies in Toulouse and Bonn.

His research focuses on both Indo-European and non-Indo-European, pre-Roman languages and epigraphies on the Iberian Peninsula and in the Western Roman Empire, paying particular attention to the vestiges of Basque.

Besides his monograph Onomástica Indígena de Aquitania, he has written over 100 articles, published several reports and studies, given talks at various Spanish and European universities and supervised theses on Basque, Italic, Slav and Paleohispanic linguistics.

Professor Gorrochategui coordinates research teams from different Spanish universities in order to publish the entire Paleohispanic epigraph digitally: the Hesperia Database. He coordinates the Doctorate in Linguistics; sits on the International Executive Committee on Paleohispanic Languages and editorial boards of several Spanish and foreign scientific journals, and is a corresponding member of Euskaltzaindia-The Royal Academy of the Basque Language, and The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

He has been visiting professor at l'École d'Études Pratiques, Sorbonne; a member of the Regional Council of Alava Advisory Board on Basque; executive editor of the journal Veleia; director of Publications and dean of the UPV/EHU Faculty of Arts and is a consultant expert for several assessment agencies and the Advisory Commission aiming to clarify the authenticity of the Iruña-Veleia graffiti.

Joaquín Gorrochategui has received the Recognition of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid's Tomás y Valiente Association.

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