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Tejada Palacios, Javier

Physicist (Condensed Matter)

Javier Tejada Palacios (1948, Castejón) is professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Barcelona and head of the UBX Laboratory. He is a member of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics; Catalan Society of Physics; New Academy of Sciences and American Physical Society.

Among his scientific achievements, the following are worthy of note: uncovering the first experimental evidence of the tunnelling effect of magnetisation (1992); the discovery of resonant spin tunnelling (1996); the discovery of quantum relaxation in magnets (2006); and quantum tunnelling in type-I superconductors (2011).

Professor Tejada has lectured and conducted research at several European and American universities and has published 300 research papers in international journals and over 250 articles in newspapers. He has written five books, two of which aim at science outreach, and given over a hundred talks as guest speaker at international conferences, universities and research centres.

He holds 14 international patents, has led 56 research projects and supervised 17 undergraduate dissertations and 29 doctoral theses.

Javier Tejada has received several awards, including: the Narcís de Monturiol Medal (1994); an Honorary Doctorate from New York University (1996); the International   Xerox Foundation Award (1998); Fellow of the American Physical Society (2000); the Salva i Campillo Telecommunications Award (2000); the Award of Scientific Merit from the Catalan Government (2001), the Príncipe de Viana Award for Culture (2006), ICREA Academy of the Catalan Government (2009); and the National Research Award (2009), and the Medal of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (2016)

Professor Tejada is a founding member of the GISME Group (, an interdisciplinary mathematical problem-solving group for institutions.

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