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Pérez Iglesias, Juan Ignacio


Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias (1960, Salamanca) is professor of Physiology and coordinator of the Chair of Scientific Culture at the University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU.

He is a doctor in Biology and has been a professor at the UPV/EHU since 1985, where he lectures in subjects relating to animal biology.

Juan Ignacio Pérez conducted his research into the field of animal physiology and marine biology between 1986 and 1999. He has published articles on these disciplines in the most widely-read international journals and has been assessor to several such journals. He has spent several research periods at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (NERC, UK), Laboratoire de Ecosystemes Conchylicoles (IFREMER[1]), Institute of Marine Research (C.S.I.C., Vigo) and the Coastal Laboratory of La Coruña (IEO[2])

He has represented the UPV/EHU on the EiTB (local radio and television) Board of Directors since 1999, is a member of the UPV/EH Summer Course and Elhuyar foundations' boards of trustees, and represents the UPV/EHU on the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve Board of Trustees.

Juan Ignacio Pérez was deputy vice-chancellor of Basque at the UPV/EHU between June 1997 and February 2000 and vice-chancellor of the UPV/EHU between May 2994 and January 2009. He sat on the Basque Government's Advisory Board on Basque, 2000-2002 and the Council of University Coordination, 2002-2004.

He has co-authored two books on university systems and one book on animal biology, regularly performs science outreach activities in other media (radio and the Internet) and has published thoughts on different aspects regarding the relationship between science and society.

[1]             French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea

[2]             Spanish Institute of Oceanography

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