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Juan Uriagereka (1959, A Coruña) is professor of Linguistics at the University of Maryland, where he has been lecturing since 1989. He holds a degree in Philology from Deusto University and a doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Connecticut. He has been associate provost for Faculty Affairs at the University of Maryland since 2010.

His work centres on bio-linguistics: an approach to the faculty of human language from the point of view of natural science. Uriagereka has authored or co-authored six books and edited two, written eighty professional articles or chapters and given over two hundred talks on four continents. He has supervised twenty doctorate theses and sat on the committees of a further 45.

Professor Uriagereka sits on several scientific panels and editorial committees (including Syntax, Probus, the Centre for Complex Dynamical Systems at Potsdam, the University of Quebec's Asymmetry project in Montreal, and the ICREA[1] Foundation). He also works as a writer with the interdisciplinary group Musica Aperta from Washington, which has performed two of his creations at the Langsburgh Theatre and was awarded, along with the co-author Javier Díez, the 2000 Pereda Short Novel Prize for La Comandita.

He has been Graduate Program manager at Maryland and visiting professor at ten universities in Europe and America.

Juan Uriagereka has obtained four projects from the National Science Foundation and several honours, including the Euskadi Research Award (2001) and American Association of Publishers' Best New Professional Book in Language and Linguistics Award (1998), for Rhyme and Reason (translated into Spanish as Pies y Cabeza, 2005).

[1]                 Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies

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