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Altuna Etxabe, Jesús


Jesús Altuna Etxabe (1932, Berastegi) studied Philosophy and Theology at the Vitoria and San Sebastián Seminaries, and Biological Sciences at Madrid University.

Between 1960 and 1972, he participated in numerous archaeological excavations headed by several archaeologists from Spain and abroad, particularly Mr. Jose Miguel de Barandiaran. He took part in the excavation in the Sudanese Nubia commissioned by UNESCO.

Professor Altuna has led several excavations since 1973, including: the Morín, La Riera, Ekain, Dufaure, Erralla, Amalda and Vidigal (Portugal) caves and megaliths, and Mirón Cave (Cantabria). His main areas of research are the archaeozoology of prehistoric sites, palaeolithic art and the protection of archaeological heritage.

Jesús Altuna taught as a full professor at the Instituto J. M. Usandizaga, and was the professor of Experimental Science Teaching at the University of the Basque Country from 1980 until his retirement in 2002. He has been head of the Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi's Department of Prehistory, executive editor of the journal MUNIBE, and editorial boards of several scientific journals, including the Revista Internacional de Estudios Vascos, Doñana, Acta Vertebrata, Archaeofauna, Archaeozoologia, Anthropozoologica and Férvedes. He is an honorary member of the Centre de Recherches d'Ecologie Souterraine and ICAZ.

He has published over 210 titles, including 12 books, most of which are research papers, but also include educational and outreach publications.

Jesús Altuna Etxabe has received numerous awards, including: the National Ibáñez Martín Award for Research; Xabier María de Munibe Award; Caja Laboral Award for Arts and Social Sciences; Basque Government's Lan Onari Award and the 2004 Euskadi Research Award.

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