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Lazkano, Jesus Mari


Jesus Mari Lazkano (Bergara, Gipuzkoa, 1960) holds a Degree in Fine Arts (1982) and a PhD in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country (1994), with the thesis "De distancia entre lo formal en arquitectura y la arquitectura como imagen" (On the distance between the formal in architecture and architecture as an image). He is currently a Full Professor in the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bilbao.

He has carried out many individual exhibitions in the USA, Switzerland, Jakarta, Spain, Italy and China, and his stays in cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas or Rome have structured his work in successive thematic series, becoming a continuous reference in his painting and strengthening his ties with architecture even more.

Interested in the integration of Painting in Architecture, he has carried out important large-scale projects in public spaces, such as the Basque Parliament, Euskalduna Palace, Metro Bilbao, San Mamés Station, Gernika water deposit, Aula Magna in the University of the Basque Country or the project for the Mataderos Bridge alongside the architecture studio of Adrian Geuze, West & Urban Design & Landscape architecture, as well at the Expo Shanghai.

In 1998 he was granted a scholarship at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome and has close ties with Italy, where he often holds exhibitions.

He coordinates at Bilbaoarte the Landscapes, What Landscapes? Seminar, a meeting to reflect on the intellectual construction of the concept of Landscape.

In 2003 he presented at the Sala BBK in Bilbao a large retrospective of his last 15 years of paintings, along with the publication of a Reasoned Catalogue, coordinated by Kosme Barañano.

In 2007 he received the Titanio Award from the Official Basque-Navarrese Architects’ Association, which distinguishes artists who contribute architectural knowledge, and presented an individual exhibition at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.

In 2010 he presented a large retrospective at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, including his works of the last ten years, as well as recent works, focused on the architecture-nature dialectics with the museum’s building itself and its works as a thematic excuse.

In 2011 he installed the mural "Natura Imaginis" in the Iberdrola tower in Bilbao, by Cesar Peli.

Since 2012 he combines work stays in New York.

His last series in 2014 focuses on an apocalyptic and sublime vision of landscape.

He is working on "Nunca podrás estar ahí", an essay written by the artist to be published by NEREA publishing house.

His next exhibition will be IKUSMIRA in the Sala Kubo of Kursaal in Donostia.

Jesus Mari Lazkano is an elected permanent member of Jakiunde as of 8 April 2016.

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