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Members of Jakiunde include recipients of the Euskadi Research Award, the Príncipe de Viana Award and the Eusko Ikaskuntza Award, among others. The aim is for all of them to engage in joint reflection and provide their opinions and conclusions to society.

About us

Jakiunde, the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters was founded on the 25th of October of 2007, in Donostia-San Sebastián, on the initiative of Eusko Ikaskuntza/The Basque Studies Society, backed by all the Universities in the geographical area home to the Basque language and culture.

Jakiunde was created with the aim of becoming a reference forum for society. Its objective is to be an exemplary institution in both its make-up and its work. The Academy would like to serve as a guide, based on its scientific rigour and knowledge, and to contribute with suitable solutions to today’s problems.

Under the presidency of chemist physicist Jesus M. Ugalde, Jakiunde brings together a group of people renowned for their work in different fields of the pure and applied sciences, artistic creation and critical thought. It is their aim to work together to offer society their perception of future challenges.


To promote and disseminate the Sciences, the Arts and the Letters, with special emphasis on quality and the quest for excellence, constituting a forum of reflexion, analysis, diagnosis and counselling on the great challenges of the scientific, artistic and literary communities and of society as a whole.


Jakiunde aspires to be an internationally prestigious institution that impulses the society of knowledge

- Evaluating the state of our educational, cultural and research systems.

- Leading initiatives that contribute to designing policies in the fields of the Sciences, the Arts and the Letters.

- Being a referent for society in these matters and advising those agents who require advise


The excellence of its members and the quality of the activities it promotes.

The balance in its composition, impulsing the exchange of knowledge on the Sciences, the Arts and the Letters.

The promotion and defence of the freedom of research and creation.

The promotion of knowledge as the tractor of social progress.

Universality, incorporating diversity without renouncing to our cultural heritage.

The promotion of equal opportunities.

A scrupulous respect for ethical values.

Independence of political power and economical or professional groups.


In consonance with such values, the activities of the Academy will be:

- of an exclusively intellectual and academic character,

- subjected to the demands of truthfulness and quality,

- guided by innovation and a critical spirit,

- based on a quiet reflection, that transcends circumstantial pressures and tendencies,

- multilingual, with special attention being paid to the promotion and use of the Basque language.

Governance: general assembly and board

Jakiunde holds two annual plenary sessions in which the Assembly discusses new projects, and future courses of action are planned. The spring plenary session is held IN April at one of the seven universities in the territories in which the Basque language and culture are implanted: University of Deusto, University of Distance Education (UNED), Mondragon University, University of Navarra University of the Basque Country-Euskal (UPV-EHU), University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (UPPA) and Public University of Navarra (UPNA). The autumn plenary takes place in the Olaso Tower in Bergara, Jakiunde’s official headquarters, in November.

In the spring plenary, current members of Jakiunde propose nominations for new members and an election is held. The investiture of new members takes place at the November plenary. 

Academicians can be full members (elected or dependent on their post), young corresponding members or honorary members. The full members dependent on their post are the Chancellors who belong to the Academy while they hold their post at one of the seven represented universities.

Organization chart (2020-2024)


Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias


Andres Arizkorreta García

Mª Isabel Arriortua Marcaida

Iciar Astiasarán Anchía

Agustin Azkarate Garai-Olaun

Humberto Bustince Sola

Teresa Catalán

José Luis de la Cuesta Arzamendi

Maria Jesus Esteban Galarza

Sonia Gaztambide Sáenz

Helena Matute Greño


Jakeline Barker Garayar


Juán José Álvarez Rubio

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